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  Fruit Ganache
Organic Raspberry

We make our own organic fruit puree which gives this ganache an intense explosion of flavor without being too sweet.

  Liquor Ganache
Amarula Ganache

This flavor combines our chocolate with Amarula, a South African cream liqueur, to make a velvety and delicious bite sized happy hour.

Prosecco Ganache

A twist on the standard champagne truffle. Subtle Prosecco flavor with a splash of cognac for a little added kick.

Espresso Ganache

Crop to Cup espresso beans are infused in thick cream to make this a luscious way to keep your motor running.

Absinthe Delight

A favorite of chocolate lovers, wine connoisseurs, and late 19th century poet Arthur Rimbaud. The anise flavor holds its own with the dark chocolate making this an addictive treat.

Mezcal Chili

Is there anything Agave can't do? This truffle starts off with the smokey flavors imparted by the Mezcal and then brings in some of the heat from the chili in the lingering finish.

  Other Ganache
Double Dark Ganache

This piece combines our 65% and 53% dark chocolates into a single bite of pure deliciousness.

Hazlenut Ganache

Chunks of hazelnut on a bed of lavish hazelnut ganache. Better than nap time.

  Tea Ganache
Earl Grey Ganache

There's something about the combination of chocolate and Earl Grey. We think it's the bergamot that gives that distinctive character and makes it such an undeniable treat. But to be sure, we better have another one.