Our Story

Image The term 'Nunu' is an affectionate nickname for little kids in Africa where I spent my childhood. My mother called me "Nunu" while I was growing up and I've since heard it used as a term of endearment in many different countries and cultures. Based now in Brooklyn, my husband Andy and I started Nunu Chocolates with the belief that the world is a better place when chocolate is involved.

Production happens right at our shop, where people can have a Frozen Hot Chocolate, latte, or glass of wine and watch us making chocolates. We use a single origin Cocoa bean derived from a Trintario and Criollo hybrid which we get from a sustainable and family run farm in eastern Colombia. We seek out the finest ingredients for our truffles and caramels, making Nunu Chocolates a totally natural and individually handmade treat.

- Justine

Read about the health benefits of chocolate here.

Brooklyn in Paris: Our Parisian Pop-up Store

Justine, Andy, and Dave became a chocolate-making exhibit in Paris at the Brachfeld Gallery in the Marais. Instead of art as a finished product, we wanted to express the artistry of the process itself. So everyday we made chocolate as people streamed through watching, smelling, and eventually tasting the creations. We held demonstrations, wine and chocolate pairings, tasting events, Yelp gatherings, and loved every minute of it.

Excerpt from an email to the team:

From: Andy Laird
Subject: Dave dans la maison!
Date: April 21, 2022 8:24:07 AM EDT
To: Nunu Team

Hi guys.

Dave and his wife Sue arrived yesterday morning so the odds are now in our favor. We had a packed house for yesterday's choco-demonstration. Everyone made chocolate pizzas and then dipped and packaged their own salt caramels. Since all the blogging/press (especially the piece by David Lebovitz), all the wine-chocolate pairings and choco-demonstrations have been sold out and we have had to add extra sessions.

After closing shop last night, the four of us took a walk past Hotel De Ville and Notre Dame and ended up in a restaurant on ile Saint-Louis, where they put a pitcher down on the table and you walk over to huge casks of wine and pour yourself as many as you can handle. The table legs buckle under the amount of food they set down. To quote Dave, "This is my kind of place!"

I can't believe we're already on our second week. We've only had one day off since arriving, but have had a chance to walk around quite a bit in the mornings and get some great meals in the evenings. Things move at a different pace here. The sun seems to take a leisurely approach to its time in the sky and people find ways to appreciate moments, not necessarily by 'making the best of them' but rather simply by treating them as a place to linger for a little while longer.

Or maybe everyone's just unemployed.

Either way, the cafes are packed and we're waiting for a table.